Being too short can affect what rollercoasters you get on at amusement parks. But who would have thought it might cost you your job too. This is the case for a transgender officer in India.

According to a report done by India Today, after transitioning, Lalit Kumar, was denied his job when he returned back to work at Beed Police Station of the Maharashtra Police Headquarters.

His employers at Maharashtra Police have defended their decision, stating that when Kumar identified as a woman he met the height requirements to be an officer, but now that he identifies as a man he no longer has the proper measurements.

With Kumar serving as an officer for over a decade and only being a couple of centimeters off for his team’s standard, he has decided to take this discriminatory action to court. The officer has filed a plea at the Bombay High Court to gain permission to return to work, according to Pink News.

Sayed Ejaz Naqvi, Kumar’s lawyer, has been adamant in pointing out to the judges that his client is being denied his basic human rights.

“Sexual preferences are covered under and are part and parcel of rights to privacy of an individual. Which falls under Fundamental Right to Life & Liberty as per Article 21 of the constitution of India,” Naqvi said.“The police department is erring and violating the constable’s fundamental rights by not allowing (him) to reform (his) sexual preferences.”