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UN Sec. Gen. Honored With Medal For “Free & Equal” Campaign

Ban-Ki Moon, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, received a medal from the Harvey Milk Foundation last weekend in San Francisco. The Harvey Milk Medal was given to Moon at the San Francisco City Hall on June 26. Moon’s creation of the “Free & Equal” campaign at the UN, an initiative to aid LGBT people, earned him the medal. Stuart Milk, President of the Milk Foundation, said, in a news release, the Secretary-General’s support of LGBT-inclusive global human rights is “unparalleled and unequivocal.” Moon, 71, of Korean ethnicity, was first elected UN Secretary-General in 2007 and was subsequently re-elected by his peers in 2011. Prior to his election as Secretary-General, Moon served as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade for the Republic of Korea. “The Secretary General created the UN's Free and Equal campaign, which goes to the heart of the visibility issue for LGBT people around the world,” Milk stated.


Jewish Hate Group Outsources Gay Pride Protest to Mexican Day Workers Dressed as Hassidics

(EDGE) An extremist Jewish organization hired a group of non-Jewish Mexican day laborers to masquerade as Orthodox Jews while protesting Sunday's Gay Pride parade in New York City.

According to the New York Times, the group of ersatz Jews were dressed wearing Tzitzit (the fringed prayer garment) with black hats and false peyots (side curls). The group, which was fenced off with a police barricade on the parade route at Fifth Avenue and Fifteenth Street, were holding signs that read "Judaism prohibits homosexuality" and "G-d created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve."

The anti-gay protest was organized by the Jewish Political Action Committee (JPAC), a Brooklyn-based group that was recently designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The group is known for spreading falsehoods about the LGBT community and has claimed in the past that "man-on-boy" pedophilia has "surged" in New York State since the adoption of same-sex marriage.

When asked by the Times to comment on the use of the day laborers, Heshie Freed of JPAC said that the men were supplementary troops, filling in for the Yeshiva students who normally demonstrate.

“I Am Jazz” Premieres July 15

Transgender star Jazz Jennings is the subject of a new television program on TLC. “I am Jazz” premieres July 15 on the cable channel. “I am a teenage girl, I am also a soccer player and an artist,” Jennings says. “I’d like to think I’m funny, I like to hang out with my friends and I’m also transgender…And I’m proud of it.” Jennings received SFGN’s Achievement in Excellence Award at the newspaper’s fifth anniversary celebration last February at the B. Ocean Resort in Fort Lauderdale Beach. “I Am Jazz” airs Sunday evening, July 15, at 10 p.m. EDT on The Learning Channel.