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Magazine Sparks Outrage In Morocco

A Moroccan magazine, last week, published a cover story asking if it is appropriate to burn gays. The magazine, Maroc Hebdo, is published in French and distributed in Casablanca, sources tell SFGN. In last week’s issue, publishers decided to use an image of two young gay men at a swimming pool gazing into each other’s eyes with the headline asking, “Should We Burn Gays?” The magazine drew instant outrage from Moroccan activists and added to already tinder box conditions for gays in the North African country. The Kingdom of Morocco, in recent weeks, has deported political activists as well as inspectors from Amnesty International. A constitutional monarchy led by King Mohammed VI, Morocco is considering decriminalizing homosexuality as two gay men currently stand trial for same-sex sexual conduct and face a potential three-year prison sentence. Mohammed VI, of the Alaouite family, has been on throne in Rabat since 1999.


Gay Hotelier Faces Hard Times

The owner of the Out NYC Hotel was reportedly removed from a Fire Island gay bar last week amid growing tensions of his political activity. The New York Post is reporting Mati Weiderpass, owner of Out NYC Hotel, engaged in a heated argument with patrons at the Sip-n-Twirl in Fire Island Pines and was consequently asked to leave the premises. Weiderpass is struggling through a backlash from the LGBT community after hosting a fundraising dinner for Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz, a U.S. Senator from Texas. Adding injury to insult, Out NYC Hotel was recently hit with a workplace discrimination lawsuit by four former employees of a restaurant and bar inside the hotel.


Scott Signs HIV Testing Bill

Florida Governor Rick Scott, in a flurry of bills signed into law last week in Tallahassee, signed HB 321 making HIV testing easier. The new law, health care advocates say, eliminates some of the paperwork required of Florida physicians and gives patients the option to opt-out of routine testing. "Given CDC reports that most new infections stem from persons unaware of their status, Governor Scott’s actions to sign this bill into law takes public health policy to the next critical level in our fight against HIV/AIDS in Florida," said David Poole, director of legislative affairs at AIDs Healthcare Foundation’s Southern Bureau.