France’s Gay Vatican Appointment Stalls

A stalemate has set in between the Vatican and the French government over placement of an openly gay man to an ambassadorship at the Holy See. In January, France nominated Laurent Stefanini, a gay man who has worked for years in the French embassy at the Vatican. However, Stefanini’s nomination has yet to be accepted. Stefanini met with Pope Francis on April 17 and it was reported by multiple news agencies the two men prayed together. Stefanini’s nomination is sure to test Church doctrine under the new Pope. According to the Italian daily news portal, “Vatican Insider,” Stefanini’s nomination, while still unconfirmed, has not been asked to step down by Archbishop Luigi Ventura, apostolic nuncio to France.


Log Cabin Republicans Applaud Jenner

Bruce Jenner’s televised interview with ABC News reporter Diane Sawyer grabbed mega headlines and media attention all through the weekend, but along with Jenner’s disclosure as a transgender woman, the former Olympic gold medalist made the surprising admission of being a Republican. Jenner told Sawyer he has never been a “big fan” of U.S. President Barack Obama and is “kind of more on the conservative side.” The Log Cabin Republicans, America’s only national LGBT Republican organization, issued a press release supporting Jenner, stating the 65-year-old displayed “tremendous courage” for being “true to himself both in terms of his personal identity as well as his political identity.”


Florida House Abruptly Ends Session

The Florida House of Representatives abruptly ended its legislative session on Tuesday afternoon due to an impasse with the Florida Senate regarding Medicaid expansion. Three days before the House was to finalize Florida’s budget, speaker Steve Crisafulli ended the 2015 session much to the surprise of Capitol observers. More than 870 bills were filed in the 2015 House session, including a “conscience clause” protection bill which would allow private adoption agencies to deny services to gay couples based on religious or moral grounds. “I clearly oppose this dangerous bill,” Florida Senator Eleanor Sobel (D-Hollywood) wrote in an op-ed in Sunday’s Sun-Sentinel.