Hulu released the official trailer for “The Bisexual” which will air on Nov. 16.

The Bisexual is about a New York woman who breaks up with her long-term girlfriend, and begins sleeping with men, but she struggles to accept her bisexuality.

Desiree Akhavan directs and stars in the six part series.

“I’m excited to have representation for bisexuality and just tell this one story. But with everything I make, I want people to feel less alone. I make it for the people who know those stories. And if someone meets their first bisexual friend through that story, in terms of loving the characters, that would be incredible,” Akhavan told The Hollywood Reporter.

Akhavan also said she wants to bring light to the fact that bisexual people are outsiders in the gay and straight communities, some themes in her life as a bisexual individual.