The 1975 Donate to Fund London LGBT Community Center

Rock band The 1975 were part of a crowdfunding project to give London its first LGBT community center.

The band donated £16,000 ($21,369) towards the project’s £50,000 goal, according to Gay Star News. Organizers reported on the page that they had £8,000 before the band’s donation.

“When a friend of mine sent me the link, I was quite surprised that such a good idea had not yet raised enough to get over the threshold,” The 1975 frontman Matthew Healy said to The Observer. “You might wonder why it is needed, and even ask yourself what exactly is everyone still scared of, but sadly, I think stigma still exists even in London and we still have some way to go.”

The project has nearly £100,000 with a few days to go, according to the center’s crowdfunding page. Organizers are looking to raise £100,000 as a stretch goal to add on to the project.

We cannot tell you how excited and grateful we are to have got this far already,” organizers wrote on the crowdfunding page. “The support this project has received - both in donations and love - has confirmed just how needed the London LGBTQ+ Community Centre truly is. With your help, by stretching our target, we’re going to get a whole lot closer.”

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