A lip balm commercial from Thailand shows people how to keep their lips from getting dry with an LGBT twist.

The two-minute clip is an advertisement for KA Lip Care. The scene shows two high school boys in an altercation after one of the teens finds out the other broke up with his sister.

The plot twist comes when the other teen tells him the reason why their relationship ended.

After pushing his rival up against the lockers he whispers seductively, “Do you want to know what I told your sister? I told her to forget about me. I don’t think of you like that — I prefer your older brother.”

He then notices that his crush has chapped lips and applies some KA Lip Care to his rival’s lips, stating “Why don’t you take care of yourself?”

The video is set to resemble a Boy’s Love (BL) drama, catering to young women and men who enjoy both BL sitcoms and beauty care.

The video ends with a group of teenage girls gawking at the romantic scene after the flirtatious teenage boy teases from the doorway with this line:  

“Don’t forget to use it regularly, so you’ll know what my lips feel like.”

Thailand has made headlines this year by also featuring a gay teen romance on their popular television series, “Together With Me.” The program featured a gay couple that started off as childhood friends, but a night of drinking turned the two into lovers. The series followed the two characters as they navigated their relationship.

Check out the KA Lip Care commercial below.