A gay soccer player will be deported from Sweden to Liberia where he will be prosecuted, beaten and possibly raped for his homosexuality.

“I wanted to play soccer at a high level and be able to live the life I wanted as a homosexual and be a part of society,” Andrew Nagbe told Swedish publication Dagens Nyheter. “But now I have no dreams left anymore.”

According to Nagbe, he was at a pride festival in Sweden with his boyfriend when he was approached for a routine check and detained by immigration services for not having his paperwork in order.

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Now, he may get deported and sentenced to one year in prison for being gay. Liberia has criminalized homosexuality.

“In prison I will be raped and beaten every day until I am released and leave the country,” he said. “All in Liberia now know that I'm gay, so they will do what they want with me. That's why I do not want to go home”

The Swedish government does not think that Nagbe will have much of a problem in Liberia.

“Our assessment is that there is a danger of homosexuals in Liberia with the risk of harassment and more, but there is no evidence that there are abuses that are sanctioned by the state,” Michael Persson, head of department of administrative processing at the Swedish Migration Board, told Dagens Nyheter. “We always do individual tests based on the asylum application as the foundation, and it is up to the applicant to come up with credible evidence.”