The United States has identified a new enemy.

 In response to several nefarious incidents, the U.S. State Department on Thursday designated al-Qa’ida in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) a Foreign Terrorist Organization. AQIS has claimed responsibility for an attack on a naval dockyard in Karachi, Pakistan and the murder of the publisher of the only LGBT magazine in Bangladesh.

The United States also designated AQIS leader, Asim Umar, a foreign terrorist. This designation prohibits Americans from “engaging in transactions” with Asim Umar and pledged members of the group.

On April 25, AQIS directed an attack on the headquarters of Roopbaan, Bangladesh’s LGBT magazine. The attack resulted in the murder of well-known gay activist and U.S. State Department employee, Xulhaz Mannan.

The Washington Blade reports Mannan was hacked to death and had his eyes gouged out by the terrorists.

“In the LGBT community in Bangladesh we don’t have any power,” Mannan’s longtime friend Abul Kalam Azad, seeking asylum in Montréal, told the global news organization Fusion. “But Xulhaz was involved in the U.S. embassy and his cousin is the top leader of the Awami League, the ex-prime minister of our country. So we thought he was quite well connected, well established, and secured. But that person being targeted and being attacked, we are surprised and afraid.”

AQIS announced formation in a video released in September of 2014. Five people were killed in its attack on the magazine headquarters in the Bangladesh capital of Dhaka.