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Human rights activists are still trying to confirm whether six LGBT Ugandans were reportedly stoned to death last weekend in rural Uganda, as reported in a press release by activist Denis Nzioka.

Gay Star News reports that three gay men, two lesbians and a trans person were killed via stoning.

"One who survived and was still breathing after stoning was burnt alive using kerosene/paraffin and a match box," stated a witness and source of Friends New Underground Railroad, a Quaker solidarity group helping gays in Uganda.

They released a statement that seven were dead and 65 had fled the country. But Ugandan LGBT rights leaders have questioned its validity, with Pepe Julian Onziema, a well-connected LGBTI activist, saying he believed it was a fabrication.

But Friends New Underground Railroad insists their report is true, and said that they had provided additional information about the incidents to the Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum and the Human Rights Watch, so they can conduct independent investigations.

Mamba Online reports a seventh gay man was reported attacked by a mob, and died one day later from head injuries. A witness said that he saved the 28-year-old from also being killed by lying to the mob that he was taking the man to the police. But the victim was allegedly denied medical care because of lack of funds, and died from his wounds on August 11.

These reports follow the recent repeal of Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Act on technical grounds. Uganda's Attorney General, who supports the anti-gay law, has filed a motion to appeal the constitutional court decision.

"While the repeal of the law is wonderful, it has made it more dangerous for many LGBT people," said Gabi Clayton, Co-manager of FNUR.

From our media partner EDGE