Sarajevo Holds First Ever Gay Pride Parade

Sarajevo, Bosnia. Photo via Pixabay.

Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia, held its first gay pride parade called “Ima Izac!” which roughly translates to “coming out.” 

The Sunday parade was flanked by about 1,000 police officers amid violent threats, according to DW. But one of the organizers, Lejla Huremagic, says the crowd was brought together to stand against the violence.

"If there was no violence I wouldn't be here today," she said in a speech, according to DW. "This gives us strength and faith that prejudice against us will start to wane and that it will become better for all of us."
While no violent incidents were reported in connection with the march, there were counterprotests by conservative and extreme Islamists groups about a mile from the parade.

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