In an Olympics first, a same-sex married couple played together — and won.

Last Saturday, Helen and Kate Richardson-Walsh took the field at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. They played in Great Britain’s women’s field hockey team. 

They won against Australia 2-1.

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The couple married in 2013 with the support of their teammates, according to OutSports. Kate retired in 2014 but returned to compete in Rio.

“We just want to show that it’s a normal thing,” Kate told The Sun. “We’re not out there shouting it, it’s just part and parcel of who we are.”

Her wife Helen added, “It was definitely a conscious decision (to come out). If you are really open about it, people say, ‘Why do you make such a big deal about it?’ If you don’t mention it you could be seen as hiding it, which we didn’t want either.”