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The Russian Cossacks, a militia group, said they will patrol at the 2018 World Cup to stop gay men from kissing.

Nearly 300 Cossacks will be present at the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don to help police, according to PinkNews. US-Funded Current Time TV interviewed Oleg Barannikov, a coordinator of Cossack volunteer guards, who said that the group would be around to protect traditional values.

“For us values above all mean Orthodox Christianity and family,” Barannikov said. “We Cossacks have gone through too much for those values to be just thrown away.”

Barannikov said that the group would not bring the whips they traditionally use but would help police physically if needed. The group said they would also patrol airports and designated areas for that type of activity.

The Football Supporters’ Federation had warned LGBT fans from showing affection publicly for their own safety, according to PinkNews.

“Russian FA’s equality officer, Alexei Smertin, advised there would be no ban on rainbow colours in Russia and fans would not be victimised for expressing feelings, although it is widely believed this could depend on individual circumstances,” a blog post for the Federation reads.