A Russian state news outlet mocked transgender troops while reporting on the repeal on the ban on their service in the United States.

President Donald Trump’s White House lost a court battle over the issue, forcing them to accept a Jan. 1, 2018 deadline for the change, according to PinkNews. The state news outlet Sputnik called transgender troops “Tranny Troops” in the headline for their article announcing the change.

“Following a capitulation by the administration of US President Donald Trump to a federal court ruling overturning a Trump attempt to ban transgender US military recruits, American soldiers will now comprise a much wider spectrum of humanity,” the article reads.

Sputnik previously had accused French President Emmanuel Macron of being gay while on the campaign trail in 2017.

“Two things are vile behind the implication: to say that it is not possible for a man living with an older woman to be anything other than a homosexual or a hidden gigolo is misogynous,” Macron said in May 2017. “And it’s also homophobia.”

National Center For Lesbian Rights Legal Director Shannon Minter said that the repeal of the ban is something many out transgender service members have been waiting for.

“The clock is ticking, and every second we get closer to January 1, individuals like Nicolas (Talbott) whose lifelong dream is to serve our country are getting closer to realizing that dream,” Minter said to PinkNews. “Trump’s ban is a dangerous policy, which has wreaked havoc in the lives of transgender service members and the entire transgender community. Each court that rules against it brings us closer to a permanent end to this nightmare.”