A gay man from Moscow, Russia accused a Lublino police officer of punching him to the ground and kicking him. He said he called an ambulance and got treatment at a hospital.


The police said the 55-year-old man named Valery, according to Pink News, hit his head on the ground several times to injure himself, and tried to “cause a scandal.” They also said the policeman called the ambulance. Valery filed a complaint to the Investigative Committee of Russia with a Russian LGBT advocacy group, Stimul.

“Although more than 10 days have passed since Valery’s statement about the crime, employees of the Lublino investigation department are not in a hurry to interview even the victim,” says Stimul’s lawyer Anton Ryzhov, who has been following Valery’s case.

Ryzhov hopes that after interviewing the parties involved, a criminal case will be opened.