‘Rocketman’ Banned in Samoa Due to Gay Scenes

Photo from David Appleby/Paramount Pictures.

Apollo Cinemas, a theater in Samoa, said the Elton John biopic “Rocketman” was rejected by Samoa’s censorship office over its gay scenes.

The theater had “Rocketman” scheduled for screening, but took it down, explaining the situation over Facebook, according to ABC. Leiataua Niuapu Leiataualesa, Samoa’s principal censor, said the office was abiding by the Film Control Act of 1978, which rules out sexual content, drugs, or offense to religion. 

“We're concerned with the cultural values and also the Christian beliefs here in Samoa — it's not appropriate for public viewing," Leiataualesa said, according to ABC.  

There was a public outcry from Samoans who wanted to see “Rocketman,” saying they would source the movie online instead. Others said the censorship office is inconsistent and gets too much power.