A Wednesday report from Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an information office opposed to the Government of Syria, said that the militant group ISIS blindfolded and stoned a man they believed to be gay to death.

The incident occurred on the province of Homs, located in western Syria. The man's name or the date the execution occurred is currently unknown, however.

"IS (ISIS) stoned a man to death in the charge of 'Homosexual' in the presence of dozens of civilians east of Homs," Syrian Observatory for Human Rights writes on its website.

As Gay Star News points out, images of the execution surfaced online and show a number of alleged members of ISIS throwing rocks at a man tied up and blindfolded. GSN also writes, "Whether the execution was sanctioned by an Islamic State sharia court or whether it was an extra-judicial killing by militants acting on their own is unknown at this point."

This wouldn't be the first time ISIS militants executed a man they believed to be gay. The group has executed several "gay" men by throwing them off the roofs of buildings. The latest incidents occurred in early March. In the same month, ISIS also beheaded three gay men in Iraq.

In an related incident, it was reported earlier this month that ISIS passed new laws that target men wearing skinny jeans and men who are caught having music on their cell phones.

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