A report out of England says that countries that have homophobic practices could be missing out on positive economic impact.

The Economic Cost of Homophobia by the Peter Tatchell Foundation makes the case that their human rights practices cause them to lose out on aid and tourism money, according to Gay Star News. Tatchell, an LGBT activist, said he wanted to build the argument on economics and not just the human rights portion.

“We found that in many countries, sadly governments were not listening to the human rights arguments,” Tatchell said to Gay Star News. “So we reasoned that perhaps they might be more open to economic persuasion.”

Part of the argument was of how much the LGBT tourism industry is valued at, coming in at $211 billion. The report also lists the loss of aid due to negative LGBT laws and the increase of people migrating from anti-LGBT countries.

LGBT ally Lord Fowler also helped with the report. It includes data from market research firm OUTNow among other sources.

The report concludes that the economic power of LGBT people is powerful but often limited due to anti-LGBT laws in certain countries.