Russia's got a new flag just for straights.

In response to United States Supreme Court decision that legalized same-sex marriage, which sparked the White House to lite up in rainbow colors, Russian President Vladimir Putin's United Russia party has unveiled their very own "heterosexual pride" flag.

Russia's new straight pride flag shows a man and a woman holding hands with three children. Under the image is the hashtag "#RealFamily" in Russian.

The flag looks unsurprisingly familiar to the flag for La Manif Pour Tous -- France's anti-gay political party. A Russian parody news agency noted this and jokingly accused the Russian party of stealing it. They also mocked that one of the changes United Russia made to the image was to make the mother's waist larger than her French equivalent.

The banner was unveiled Wednesday as part of the country's national day of family, love and faithfulness where it was featured prominently in Moscow's "Traditional Values March."

"This is our answer to same sex marriages, this mockery of the very concept of family," said Aleksey Lisovenko, deputy head United Russia in Moscow. "We must prevent gay fever in our country and support traditional values."

Lisovenko is currently pushing to have the rainbow LGBT flag added to the list of symbols banned in Russia. Angered by seeing rainbow colored profile photos on Facebook, he has also asked parliament to allow the country's internet watchdog to block any website or social network accounts that use the rainbow flag.

In contrast to the LGBT rainbow flag, fans of Russia's new straight pride flag will have fewer color options. Of the three variations of the flag available, one will have the family in red set against a white backdrop, while the other two variations will have the family in white with either a blue or a red background.