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Pope Francis doesn’t want children learning gender is a choice.

In a private meeting last week with bishops from Poland, Francis declared: “We are living in a moment of annihilation of man as image of God,” according to the transcript released yesterday from the Vatican.

Specifically he referred to the education systems in place around the world teaching gender studies.

“Today, in schools they are teaching this to children — to children! — that everyone can choose their gender,” he said. 

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The Pope argued “idealogical colonization” was financed by “very influential countries.”

One example of this “colonization,” according to Francis: “I’ll say it clearly with its first and last name — is gender.”

During his discussion with the Polish Bishops, Francis discussed meeting with his predecessor, Pope Benedict. Benedict retired in 2013 and has since remained at the Vatican.

“Speaking with Pope Benedict, who is well, and has a clear mind, he was telling me: ‘Holiness, this is the epoch of sin against God the Creator, He’s intelligent! God created man and woman, God created the world this way, this way, and we are doing the opposite.’”

Francis encouraged the Polish Bishops to reflect on Benedict’s words.