Polish Police Used Tear Gas To Protect Pride Parade

Right-wing protestors were blocking the first ever pride parade in Lublin, Poland. They threw flaming bottles and stones at the guests.

Less than an hour into the march, the police used tear gas, concussion grenades, and water cannons to shut down the 300 protestors, according to the New York Times.

The 1,500 LGBT activists attending the march over the weekend proceeded without interruption, and they praised the police for their action against the protestors.

The Mayor tried to ban the parade from happening, citing security concerns, but it was overruled by Lublin’s Court of Appeals.

“It is deeply depressing that we keep having ... the same conversations about Poland,” Kristine Garina, president of the European Pride Organizers Association, told TeleSur. “Right-wing and homophobic city officials like Mayor Zuk must realize they cannot stand in the way of LGBTI people’s human rights.”

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