As of last week, trans people in Pakistan are now allowed to use their ‘gurus’ name instead of their parent’s name when registering for their country computerized national identity card (CNIC). CNICs allow people in Pakistan to work and also complete their daily needs.

This law revision comes after transgender citizen Mian Asia was denied a renewal of their card from The National Database and Registration Authority, with their late guru being documented as their parent. With many transgender people in Pakistan being shunned from their families or hiding their gender identity due to fear, many wind up having gurus that help fill that parental void. 

Asia took the matter to the Lahore High Court, and on Tuesday NADRA told the court that their card was renewed with their guru as their designated parent.

Until Tuesday, many trans people argued that they were left out of the 2016 census, due to them not being able to receive CNICs. However, officials told the court that the new process of issuing a CNIC would be similar to how they handle orphanages.

“The registration of gurus will be carried out at NADRA headquarters through a module already being used for registration of orphans,’ representatives for NADRA told the court.

For trans individuals that have no parental figure they can still register for a CNIC, with NADRA officials also announcing that those applicants’ parentage will be randomly selected from a database.