London police are investigating an alleged anti-gay assault that occurred on a train on July 15, Gay Star News reports.

The authorities are appealing for information after a man boarded a train from Charing Cross, a popular LGBT area in London, to Bexleyheath, around 5:30 a.m. on July 15. Gay Star News points out that this was only the second train to run that day.

"During the journey a man sat opposite him and began making homophobic comments to him and began taking pictures of the victim on his phone," investigating officer Michael Willoughby said, according to the website. "The victim challenged the man, but was punched and kicked in return."

Willoughby continued: "Anti-social or violent behavior has no place on the railway and passengers should feel able to use the network without fear of becoming a victim of crime. Anyone who witnessed the incident, or who has any information about what took place, should get in touch."

The suspect in the incident is described as a "Chinese man, aged around 35," Gay Star News writes. He was wearing a simple dark grey shirt, black pants and black shoes. He is about 5'9" and "thought to be of proportional build."

In June a man was arrested in connection to an anti-gay attack that almost left a gay man blind. The suspect is believed to attacked two gay men in Central London, a popular spot for the LGBT community. The victim says a man sprayed him and his friend with chemicals after two women outside a club to whom they were talking realized the victims were gay, which sparked the women to yell and shout anti-gay slurs.

The chemicals burned one of the victim's cornea and severely damaged his vision. The victim's friend was sprayed in the mouth, which caused his tongue to swell.

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