Philippines Supreme Court Axes Gay Marriage Appeal

Philippines High Court. Photo via

The Philippines high court has decided to uphold the ban on gay marriage following an appeal by gay lawyer, Jesus Falcis.

The court said that because Falcis doesn’t have a partner and does not wish to get married, he isn’t a victim of the laws, according to CNN. Falcis said successes in court on LGBT issues inspired him to try in the Philippines, but the court accused him of using litigation as propaganda.

"I am out since the age of 15 and I suffered from discrimination throughout my school years, so I felt the need to advocate for LGBT rights," said Falcis, who filed the application in 2015, according to CNN. "I decided to use the tool of litigation, because it has been successful in other countries -- such as the United States -- to have gay marriage legalized."

The Supreme Court called on the Congress to address the recognition of same-sex marriage.