One man in the Netherlands is taking an interfaith approach to homophobia.

Followers of Turkish hate preacher Harun Yahya were identified as responsible for distributing antigay pamphlets throughout Amsterdam promoting the death of the LGBT community, according to Dutch publication Volkskrant.

“According to Judaism, Christianity and Islam, homosexuality is forbidden,” the pamphlet reads, after the translation from Dutch to English.

“The moral responsibility for these children is all of ours for the coming generations.”

The leaflets also included inaccurate facts about the gay community. One statistic claimed homosexuals were 50 percent more likely to have depression and their rate of suicide is over 200 percent.

“The number of children being sexually abused by homosexual parents is 29 percent,” they added

These pamphlets were distributed shortly after a hate crime on two gay men near Amsterdam Central Station on Saturday. The men, 52 and 55, were insulted and assaulted. At the time of publication, the attackers have not been caught.

There is no confirmation yet that these events are related.