Rahat Ali will go in front of the Canadian Federal Court to try to prove he is bisexual for the third time. 

 The 33-year-old Pakistani refugee has tried to prove to the court that he is in danger from the Taliban, being bisexual, to secure his refugee status, according to the National Post. The court previously ruled that Ali’s claim of facing death for being bisexual was unreliable, but they said they shouldn’t dismiss the fact he may still be in mortal danger of the Taliban if he were to return to Pakistan.

So, Ali will go before them for a third time, and endure invasive questioning to try to prove his sexuality.

“It’s pretty demeaning to have to go through all these kinds of questions, and that’s exactly what homosexuals have to go through,” Bohbot said. “There’s this expectation that a homosexual who’s an immigrant or a refugee will have to go through certain steps in order to convince the board that he is [gay].”