Oliver Stone Calls Russia’s Anti-Gay Law “Sensible”

oliver Stone (right) and Vladimir Putin. Photo via the Kremlin

Oliver Stone, a filmmaker, said in an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin that their law making the distribution of gay “propaganda” among minors illegal is “sensible.”

Stone defended his statement in their talk during his new documentary “Revealing Ukraine,” saying if people think he’s homophobic, they should watch his 2004 movie “Alexander,” which depicted love scenes between the conqueror and his male best friend, according to Indie Wire. He also mentioned that in a previous documentary, “The Putin Interviews,” Putin said he wasn’t homophobic. 

“As to gay/LGBTQ beliefs in Russia, again much misunderstood,” Stone wrote on Facebook. “Mr. Putin made himself clear in ‘The Putin Interviews’ – he’s not anti-gay/LGBTQ. Nor am I. Do not bring American expectations to Russian life any more than you expect Iran, Korea, Venezuela, or China to follow our political or social demands,” Oliver wrote on Facebook.



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