Nigerian Newspaper Column Accuses British Prime Minister of Being a Lesbian

Theresa May. Credit: Kuhlmann / MSC.

Theresa May was accused of being a lesbian for voicing regrets over the U.K.’s anti-gay laws in former colonies.

Paul Onomuakpokpo made the claim in a column titled "Theresa May’s search for a Lesbian Wife," according to PinkNews. In the piece, the writer said May should search for a Nigerian bride and break up with her husband Philip because of her calls to end laws against gay marriage.

“Obviously, May is ruing her mistake of ever getting married to a man,” Onomuakpokpo wrote. "She would have preferred to be a lesbian-husband with a wife.”

The opinion article later questions her straightness by the fact that she does not have children and that she said that she is a Christian, but accepts same-sex marriage. Onomuakpokpo claims that former colonies need to make a push to avoid being forced to accept same-sex marriage by western countries.

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