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German Greens Won't Enter Govt Without Gay Marriage Pledge

(AP) Germany's opposition Greens are pledging not to enter any coalition government after the country's September election without securing a commitment to allowing gay marriage.

Germany has allowed same-sex couples to enter civil partnerships since 2001 but, while other European countries have since allowed full-fledged gay marriage, much of Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative bloc remains reluctant to do so.

The traditionally left-leaning Greens hope to be kingmakers after Germany's Sept. 24 election, though the chances of that are unclear. A coalition between Merkel's party and the Greens, with or without a third party, may emerge as a possibility.

The dpa news agency reported that a Green party congress on Saturday included in its election program the statement: "With us, there will be no coalition agreement without marriage for all."


Thousands Attend Gay Pride March in Ukraine's Capital

(AP) Thousands of people have attended a gay pride parade in the Ukrainian capital amid tight security.

Much of downtown Kiev was cordoned off and about 5,000 police officers were on duty for Sunday's event, which has traditionally been a focal point for attacks by ultranationalists.

Kiev police spokeswoman Oksana Blishchik wrote on Facebook that about 2,500 people attended. People marched with rainbow flags and placards, including one that read "Love and let love."

A counterdemonstration by a few hundred ultra-nationalists resulted in minor scuffles and seven arrests, according to local media.

Kiev held its first major pride march last year after a pro-Western government that came to power in 2014 sanctioned such events.

In 2015, the march was called off when right-wing activists pelted participants with smoke grenades.


Marchers Brave High Heat for Lisbon's LGBT Pride Parade

(AP) Braving high temperatures, about 1,000 people have marched in a LGBT Pride Parade in Portugal's capital of Lisbon in support of transsexual rights.

The festive march slowly moved through Lisbon's sweltering streets on Saturday as temperatures reached 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). Marchers chanted "Homophobia takes us backward, our fight moves us forward!" Some waved rainbow flags.

There was also a smattering of colorful wigs, partying to the tunes of Lady Gaga and George Michael, and a big truck with people dancing on top of it.

It was Lisbon's 18th LGBT Pride Parade.