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Lesbian is Pornhub’s most popular search term, just not for lesbians

(SFGN) Adult entertainment website PornHub lists “lesbian” as its most popular search term, with “teen” in second place and “step mom” in third according to stats posted by millennial geared media site Mic. (http://bit.ly/1gxjBnG ) However of those polled only 21-24 percent were female.

By comparison a lesbian sex survey of more than 8,000 women conducted by LGBT and feminist focused Auto Straddle, (http://bit.ly/1RuooqK ) found that of 87 percent of women who watched porn, the majority fell into two categories, “the kind made by queer women for queer women (e.g., Crash Pad Series, Queer Porn TV, Juicy Pink Box) and the kind made by straight people for straight people (e.g., pretty much everything else). We found the former was far more popular than the latter — and, furthermore, many queer women prefer watching straight porn or gay male porn over lesbian porn made by/for straight people.”

No Trial Date Yet for Gay-Bashing Suspects

(PGN) Pre-trial negotiations continue for the trio accused of physically and verbally attacking a gay couple in Center City this past fall. 

Attorneys for Kathryn Knott, Kevin Harrigan and Philip Williams were in court Thursday for the scheduled pre-trial bring back, an opportunity for defense attorneys and prosecutors to review evidence before a trial date is set or a plea agreement is reached. Another pre-trial bring back was scheduled for 9 a.m. Aug. 13 in Room 905 of the Criminal Justice Center, 1301 Filbert St.

The defendants were not in court Thursday.

The three face aggravated assault, simple assault and conspiracy charges in connection with the Sept. 11 beating of Zachary Hess and Andrew Haught. The couple was walking near 16th and Chancellor when the three suspects allegedly taunted them about their sexual orientation and then physically assaulted them.

Pennsylvania lacks an LGBT-inclusive hate-crimes law but the incident prompted Philadelphia City Council to enact such a measure. Knott, Harrigan and Williams couldn't be charged under the law because it was adopted after the incident took place.

Study says Bisexuals Report Poorer Health than Gays, Lesbians, or Straight People

(SFGN) A study performed by sociologists at Rice University surveyed more than 10,000 LGBT identified individuals and more than 405,000 heterosexuals and found that 19.5 percent of bisexual men and 18.5 percent of bi women rated their health as “poor or fair,” compared to gay men at 11.9 percent, lesbians at 10.6 percent, straight men and 14.5 percent, and straight women at 15.6 percent.

Bisexual men and women were more likely to smoke (23.8 percent and 21.9 percent, respectively), compared with 14.9 percent of gay men, 16.6 percent of lesbian women, 11.1 percent of heterosexual men and 8.3 percent of heterosexual women.

The study’s lead author Bridget Gorman said “Our study illustrates the importance of examining health status among specific sexual minority groups, and not among ‘sexual minorities’ in the aggregate, since the health profile of bisexual adults differs substantially from that of gay and lesbian adults,” according to a report from Rice’s public affairs office. (http://bit.ly/1G6QTPp )

Meet the Trans Women Who Inspired, Star in 'Tangerine'

(AP) Boasting two unknown, transgender leads and shot on an iPhone 5S, "Tangerine" became an unlikely breakout at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, sparking a modest bidding war between various distributors. Magnolia Pictures won out and the film hits theaters on Friday.

It would have never happened had [director Sean] Baker not met trans women and aspiring performers Mya Taylor and Kitana Kiki Rodriguez at the Los Angeles LGBT Center a few years prior. It was their lives and their deep knowledge of the neighborhood that inspired and informed the film.

The plot, loosely, follows fresh-out-of-jail Sin-Dee (Rodriguez) on the hunt for her cheating boyfriend/pimp and his mistress, while best friend Alexandra (Taylor) works the street and readies for a performance that evening.

"This is an extremely vulnerable group of people. They are the most marginalized. They are trans women of color who are also sex workers. You can't be more alienated and isolated by society than they are," said Baker