New Dating Show to Focus on Bisexual/Pansexual People

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

“The Bi Life,” a dating show featuring bisexual, pansexual, and/or questioning people will air in the U.K. this October.

The show is being hosted by Australian drag queen Shane Jenek, whose stage name is Courtney Act. The number of British people who identify as bisexual has raised 73 percent in the last four years, NBCUniversial International Chief Marketing Officer Lee Raferty said, who calls the new series “pioneering.”

“It’s high time there was a dating show for the large number of young people today, like me, who are attracted to more than one gender. In 2018 we know that sexuality is fluid and sharing the stories and experiences, the laughter and the lovemaking, of young bi people is so important,” Janek said to PinkNews.

The show was ordered by E! Entertainment and is its first U.K. original, said Hollywood Reporter. It will have 10 episodes, each one an hour long.

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