The Supreme Court of Namibia has ordered a government agency to re-evaluate a same-sex couple's application for residence rights. 

The Ministry of Home Affairs should reconsider an application for resident status from Mexican national Guillermo Delgado, according to Namibia Supreme Court Chief Justice Peter Shivute.

Delgado, who is in a same-sex relationship with Namibian Phillip Luhl, claims he is domiciled in Namibia and hence does not require a visa to enter the country.

LGBT activist Ndilokelwa Nthetwa told VOA that the court's decision represents a success for the couple, despite its narrowness.

Nthetwa also acknowledged the decision had no impact on the LGBT community as a whole.

Another same-sex couple, Namibian citizen Johan Potgieter and South African national Danie Digashu, has indicated that they would petition the Supreme Court to have their South African union recognized by the Namibian government.