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First reported in EDGE Boston, the Mexican Supreme Court has upheld marriage equality, rejecting three challenges to a new law in Mexico City as "inappropriate."

The rejected challenges were issued by the governors of three states, Guanajuato, Morelos, and Tlaxcala. The governors all belong to the PAN party, which is politically conservative. The judges found that one state’s laws could not be challenged by other states, nor could laws enacted in Mexico City, which serves as the nation’s capital, reported On Top Magazine on Feb. 19.

The Mexico City law, which goes into effect March 4, gives gay and lesbian families full marriage equality, including the right to adopt.


The PAN governors claimed that the law would have an effect on their own jurisdictions. The Secretary General of Government for the state of Jalisco, Fernando Guzman, opined that, "These reforms could obligate the states and municipalities to recognize marriages between same-sex couples and so, in Jalisco, the same rights recognized for matrimony in its laws would be awarded to them." Added Guzman, "What we are protecting is marriage and children, so that children who are adopted have the right to a family, and a family consisting of a father and a mother." Guzman also submitted a challenge to the law, which has not yet been reviewed by the court.

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