Malaysian pop punk band Bunkface released a song called Akhir Zaman, or End Times, with lyrics translating to “LGBT can go and die,” according to CNA Lifestyle.

The president of the Malaysian LGBT rights organization, Pelangi Campaign urged his followers to report the video on YouTube because it promotes violence against the LGBT community. Unite Asia, a punk music news site, issued a statement apologizing for sharing the video.

“In 2020 for anyone, let alone a ‘punk’ band, to so openly convey their hatred for people who are already marginalized, stigmatized, ridiculed, threatened, harmed, killed, so much so that they have to hide their identity from the world to protect themselves, is disgusting,” the statement said, according to CNA.

Many Twitter users said that spewing violence against the LGBT community isn’t “punk.” Bunkface refused to comment on the matter, according to Malay Mail.