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Lesbian -- NYC Cab Driver to Pay $14k to Lesbian Couple He Ordered to Stop Kissing

The NYC Commission on Human Rights has ordered Mohammed Dahbi to pay $7,000 to both Christina Spitzer and Kassie Thornton after telling the couple to stop kissing in the back of his car in Oct. 2011, according to Pink News.

“We never wanted to financially ruin him,” said Thornton to the NY Post. “We want him to acknowledge what he did, say he’s wrong, do the training and be a better human.”

Both the driver and lesbian couple claimed to have received verbal abuse during the incident. Based on emotional damages, the driver was ordered to pay the couple.

Dahbi was also ordered to work with the Community Relations Bureau at the Commission for 164 hours. The goal of the Bureau is “encouraging understanding and respect among New York City’s many communities.”
Both sides reported an exchange of offensive names from both the driver and the couple. The cab pulled over and the couple left without paying the fare, but it is unsure whether they were kicked out or asked the cab to pull over, due to conflicting stories.

He filed the complaint with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa, the ACLU LGBT Project and West Des Moines lawyer Melissa Hasso.


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Queer -- Queer Black Lives Matter Founders Put ‘Terrorist’ Trump Among ‘Worst Fascists in History’

The queer co-founders of the Black Lives Matter movement are sounding the alarm after Donald Trump’s angry speech accepting the Republican Party’s nomination on Thursday night, according to the Advocate.

“The terrorist on our television tonight was Donald Trump,” said a statement from Patrisse Cullors, Los Angeles-based queer woman who co-founded #BlackLivesMatter alongside Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi in 2014. “He pledged to fight for Americans, while threatening the vast majority of this country with imprisonment, deportation and a culture of abject fear.”

Garza, another co-founder, had more to say on Trump’s speech, which included referenced support of the impoverished, minorities and LGBT people, but also included rhetoric rich in xenophobia, inherent racism and nationalism that has frequented the nominee’s campaign thus far.

“The terrifying vision that Donald J. Trump is putting forward casts him alongside some of the worst fascists in history,” Said Garza. “While our movement envisions a bright future where everyone is treated with dignity and respect, Trump is proposing a new, dark age where police have carte blanche authority to terrorize our community.”

Trump’s speech made multiple references to attacks against police and framed undocumented immigrants as criminals, values that, according to Garzam stand in stark contrast to those upheld by the Black Lives Matter movement.


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Transgender -- Transgender Iowa Prison Nurse Files Complaint Over Restrooms

The Department of Corrections officials in Iowa have violated a transgender prison worker’s constitutional rights, refusing him access to the men’s bathrooms and showers at work, according to LGBTQ Nation.

Jesse Vroegh, 34, filed a complaint with the Iowa Civil Rights Commission on Thursday, and is also challenging the denial of medical treatment and surgery by his state-provided insurer. He said he has been required to use a unisex private restroom at work that does not include a shower, preventing him from showering at work — a benefit his coworkers have.

Corrections officials denied his request to use the men’s restrooms and showers, telling him it was due to concerns for the male officers at the prison, according to the complaint.

“All I want is for my employer to treat me like my co-workers by allowing me to use the work restrooms and locker rooms that match my gender and by offering me insurance for medical care I need,” Vroegh said. “I don’t want different treatment. I just want the same treatment and facilities as every other employee.”