A nonprofit in the United States, The Trevor Project, which provides suicide prevention and crisis intervention services to thousands of young LGBT individuals, announced that it will be expanding its services to Mexico. 

The Trevor Project, named after the Academy Award-winning short film "Trevor," about a homosexual adolescent who commits suicide, believes that more than 745,000 LGBT children in Mexico aged 13 to 24 are in crisis each year, but it emphasizes that this figure is an estimate owing to a "severe lack of data." It is also estimated that every year, approximately 40 million LGBT youth over the world seriously consider suicide.

"LGBTQ young people everywhere deserve not just to survive, but to thrive," The Trevor Project CEO Amit Paley said. "We don't think that just because you happen to have been born in one country that means you are more or less deserving of critical, lifesaving services and affirmation."