LGBT people at one of Kenya’s largest refugee camps, Kakuma, say they’ve been beaten by locals and other refugees, NBC News reported.

Kakuma and the nearby Kalobeyei Integrated Settlement are run by the United Nations Refugee Agency and are home to over 200,000 refugees. Mbazira Moses, a Ugandan refugee sent an email to U.N. agencies and humanitarian organizations saying that over 50 queer refugees camped outside Kakuma’s U.N. reception center were attacked, NBC reported.

"UNHCR and the government of Kenya with other relevant stakeholders are striving to promote the rights of all asylum-seekers and refugees and are ensuring partners are trained on how to work with LGBTI in a displacement context,” Yvonne Ndege, a U.N. spokesperson told NBC News. “Their rights as human beings shall be considered as such."

In December 2018, 20 LGBT refugees were injured in an attack, and hundreds of LGBT refugees had to be relocated as a result.