Seventeen LGBT refugees allege Kenyan police arrested them in their homes at gunpoint, and held them in jail without charging them with a crime, according to TIME.

Kenya has become a safe haven for refugees fleeing from other East African nations, but gay sex is still illegal there, a law upheld in Kenyan court in May. The activist who filed the first petition against the law expected this kind of behavior after the ruling. 

“We are worried that this is going to embolden people who do not like LGBT people in Kenya and give them justification to act arbitrarily in harming people,” Eric Gitari told the Associated Press. “What will happen is that more and more people are going to closet themselves, they are going to live in shame and fear.” 

The refugees told TIME they locked themselves in their apartment in Nairobi, the capital, and are too afraid to go out to buy food due to threats.