Lesbian Who Tried To Marry Wife in 24 Countries Passes Away

Julia Bloom (left) and Fleur Pierets. Photo via Pierets, Facebook.

Julia Bloom, part of a lesbian couple that planned to wed in 24 countries, died Jan. 22 after a battle with cancer.

Bloom and her partner Fleur Pierets had already married in France, Belgium, the U.S. and the Netherlands before it was revealed Bloom had tumors, according to PinkNews. Doctors gave Bloom three months to live.

“But the first time ever I saw her face, it was like somebody switched on the light,” Pierets said on Facebook. “Now there’s only darkness, silence and a devastating loneliness.”

According to Pierets, doctors believe the tumors went unnoticed for 10 years despite Bloom having a battle with breast cancer in 2016. The couple first noticed problems when Bloom could not eat and had several fainting spells.

Pierets thanked friends and family for their love and support in her Facebook post announcing the death. With the post, she also linked to the George Michael song “The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face.”

“I always believed in having a purpose in life, in being exactly at the right place and time to make you grow,” Pierets said. “Now I find there’s only randomness. And a great lack of silver linings,” she finished.

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