A lesbian couple staying in an English hotel were “in shock” when they received an email from the owner that claimed “people like you should be put in a cage with the rest of the wild animals."

The statement followed arguments between the couple and the owner. Nicole Calder and Lauren Inglis claimed that their room was filthy, and the loud, partying guests next door were approaching them with homophobic comments. Hotel owner Andy Singh, however, said the room was clean and there is no proof that the neighbors said anything.

After he sent the offending email, Singh backtracked.

“Under no circumstances have I anything against gay people, this is simply an excuse for a refund I am against liars which she clearly is,” he wrote.

The women aren’t buying it.

“I don’t understand how he can say ‘your type of people.’ If that’s not homophobic, I don’t know what is,” Inglis said.

The hotel room was reserved through Booking.com, whose officials are working to arrange a refund, reported Advocate.