BidVertiser ClickADu HilltopAds, an at-home STD testing company, is releasing “America’s Riskiest Places,” which highlights cities most at risk for contracting HIV in 2016. 

“Gay and bisexual men account for 63 percent of new HIV infections annually, and the CDC recently found that one in five gay men in 21 major US cities are positive,” Ethan Reynolds, public relations specialist for wrote in an email. “A new map shows which areas in the country Americans are most at risk from contracting HIV.” 

According to a press release, it was found that nine of the top ten riskiest cities were located in the South, accounting for 44 percent of Americans diagnosed with HIV. Using varying color designations, the “Riskiest Places” map shows the different levels of lifetime risk of HIV infection in each state.

Three cities in Florida made the top ten riskiest cities list, with Miami in second place, Orlando in fifth place and Jacksonville in ninth place.

The map included cities with a minimum population of 50,000 people, and infections rates reflect new diagnoses per 100,000 people.  

“Where you live can impact your risk of becoming infected with HIV,” reads a risk map from “On average, the chance of becoming infected with HIV is 1 in 99, however, risk increases dramatically for those who live in the South and East Coast region of the country." 

The riskiest city on the list was Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

“Testing is a vital step to stemming the spread of HIV in our country,” Hannah Dela Cruz, spokesperson said in a press release. “Approximately one in eight of those infected with HIV don’t know, causing them to spread the virus unknowingly to their partners. All sexually active individuals should take charge of their health by testing regularly and talking to their partners about screening.”, the company who created the map, offers at-home STD tests and touts fast pick up times and delivers results within a few days. To find out more about “America’s Riskiest Places,” or’s services, check their website.