(EDGE) A gay couple from Naples, Italy claims a bed and breakfast in Santa Maria, a coastal village in the southern Italian Vibo Valentia province, denied them entry because of their sexuality, the International Business Times reports.

After booking a stay at the guest house, the couple, who remains anonymous, contacted the owner for further information but were allegedly told the establishment does not accept gay people nor pets. 

"Thank you for your booking. This is the first year that we are renting [the guest house]," reads a Whatsapp message sent to the couple reportedly from the owner. "Apologies for seeming a caveman, but we do not accept gays or pets."

The men then contacted Arcigay, an LGBT rights group in Naples, to issue a complaint. Speaking to the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, one of the men, identified as G., compared the incident to Jews being refused service during Nazi Germany.

"I did not even waste time to answer. I just took screenshots of the conversation and I sent them to Arcigay Napoli," he told the newspaper, according to the IB Times. "It was the first thing that came to my mind: To sue, speak out and not let them get away with it. I want to say everything, out loud."

G. went on to say that he's been with his partner for seven years and "after all this time, I refuse to be treated as if there was something wrong with me.

"It's not fair," he added. "I was not upset just because of what happened to us. I thought about thousands of youths who could be subjected to the same treatment. It is a thought that hurt me too much."

Arcigay Napoli condemned the incident, calling it a grave act of discrimination and homophobia," according to the IB Times, which adds the couple canceled their booking and rescheduled at another establishment in Calabria.