Israeli Gay Dads Told One Has to Be the “Mother” to Enroll Children In School

Guy Sadaka and Hai Aviv were enrolling their 2-year-old twins in preschool, and applied for tuition assistance, but the representative for Israel’s Ministry of Labor and Social Services told them over the phone that one of them had to declare himself the children’s mother, NBC News reported.

"I understand that you are both fathers and that you run a shared household, but there is always the one who is more dominant, who is more ‘the mother,’" the representative said, Sadaka told NBC.

Later that afternoon, the ministry issued an apology, saying they’d address the family’s case, and revise the policies for the call center, according to NBC. 

“It kind of made me laugh,” Sadaka told NBC. “But this ignorance in a government office when it’s just about 2020 just seems crazy to me. I felt frustrated that I have to give answers that don’t make any sense.”