Israel’s Education Minister Endorses Gay Conversion Therapy

rafi Peretz via israeli Defense Force

Education Minister Rafi Peretz said it’s possible to change a gay or lesbian person’s sexual orientation through conversion therapy.

In a televised interview Saturday, the far-right rabbi said he’s performed conversion therapy on religious students in the past, according to the Washington Post. The National Association of LGBT in Israel called for his firing in a statement.

“There is only one adequate response to such dark statements by the minister of education and that is to fire him immediately,” the National Association of LGBT in Israel said in a statement, according to the Post. “It is imperative to prevent Israeli girls and boys from exposure to the homophobic poison disseminated by one who is presumed to be involved with education and values.”

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahudistanced himself from Peretz’s comments, saying they’re “not acceptable to me and do not reflect the position of the government under my leadership,” the Post reported.