The Islamic militant group ISIS is taking responsibility for the execution of another man accused of being gay, the Daily Mail reports.

The murder falls in line in the previous executions: According to the newspaper, members of the group murdered the victim by throwing him off the roof of a tall building in the al-Furta providence of Iraq. Horrific images of the incident soon hit social media.

ISIS claimed the man was arrested and subjected to a mock trial at an Islamic court before he was murdered, the Daily Mail writes.

In the images posted online, the anonymous victim is walked up a set of stairs to the roof of a building. He is shown to be blindfolded with his hands bound. Guards move him to the edge of the roof before pushing him to his death. There are even images of the man falling.

Like in the other executions, a large crowd of civilians and fighters are gathered below the building, waiting to watch man fall.

Homosexuality goes against ISIS' Islamic beliefs, who carry out the executions under extreme Shariah law.

ISIS has now become notorious for accusing men of being gay and executing them by throwing the victims off the roof of a tall building or stoning them to death. A report from a U.K.-based monitoring group, which was released earlier this month, claimed the terrorist group is responsible for killing at least 25 people believed to be gay.

The most recent incident is the second execution of its kind in 2016. The first incident was reported in early January, where ISIS accused a 15-year-old boy of being gay, killing him by throwing him off the roof of a building. The group spared the life of a commander, who allegedly raped the young victim, however.