The Islamic State militants who have murdered a number of alleged gay men by throwing them off the roofs of tall buildings have settled on a new target: male music-loving hipsters, who wear skinny jeans.

The Daily Mail reports ISIS has imposed a new law in their stronghold in Syria that threatens to jail any man in the city of Raqqa caught wearing the tight garment of clothing. The same law also targets men who have music on their cell phones.

The publication reports that ISIS members said they would also put anyone in jail who is caught smoking or anyone who is late for prayer.

Men caught wearing skinny jeans, listening to Bon Iver and smoking American Spirits will be sentenced to 10 days in jail. During their time in jail, they will be made to take an "Islamic course," according to anti-ISIS informants Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently (RBSS). According to Wikipedia, RBSS is a "citizen journalism effort exposing human rights abuses by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (also known as ISIL or DAESH) forces occupying the northern Syrian city of Raqqa."

You can read RBSS' reports on ISIS' crackdown on men who skinny jeans and listen to music on their cell phones here and smokers here.

Before being released from jail, the hipsters will have to take a test: if they pass they are free to go but if they fail, they will be kept in prison until they pass.

According to RBSS, the new measures "volatile and changeable."

A Raqqa resident only know as Jassem told RBSS about ISIS' grip on the region.

"ISIS tightens penalties and uses the principle of intimidation in dealing with public, which led to the migration and escape of many people," he said. "Freedom of expression has become a crime, so you can not oppose a decision issued by the group. Otherwise you will be arrested on charges of violation of God's law as its fighters claim, but they are far from this law. There is no difference between ISIS and Assad's regime: bribery and favoritism are widespread within the group and play a major role, especially among the local members of the group."

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