Islamic State militants have killed another man accused of being gay by throwing him off the top of a building in northern Iraq, according to the Daily Mail.

Photos surfaced this week showing a blindfolded man, whose hands are tied behind his back, on top of a silo. The Daily Mail writes the images are "the latest proof of ISIS' ambition to hunt down and execute anyone they believe is gay."

The pictures, which show a large crowd watching the punishment, were tweeted by an ISIS Twitter account, the Daily Mail reports. In the pics, three men believed to be ISIS militants are wearing balaclavas and are standing atop of the tall building. The crowd, which is made up of men and children, watch on as the man is pushed off the building.

This is not the first time photos have surfaced showing ISIS militants murdering accused gay men by throwing them off buildings. The Daily Mail reports similar images, which were believed to be taken in Homs, Syria, appeared online last month.

Photos of similar demonstrations have popped up since late last year. Two incidents occurred in March, and another in April. The latest, however, occurred in June when ISIS threw three men accused of being gay off the roof of a 100-foot building.