Ireland’s openly Gay Prime Minister Resigns

Leo Varadkar (Photo by William Murphy; courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

(WB) Ireland’s first openly gay prime minister resigned on Thursday.

The BBC reported Leo Varadkar submitted his resignation after the Irish Parliament failed to name a new prime minister. Varadkar resigned less than two weeks after his Fine Gael party lost 15 seats in the country’s general election.

Varadkar, 41, became Ireland’s prime minister in 2017. 

Varadkar in 2018 raised LGBTQ issues with Pope Francis when he visited Ireland. Varadkar in 2019 attended a St. Patrick’s Day breakfast at Vice President Pence’s official residence in D.C. with his partner, Dr. Matthew Barrett.   

Varadkar will remain Ireland’s caretaker prime minister until Parliament chooses his successor.