Iranian Women Dress Up As Men To Avoid Country’s Sexist Morality Laws

One woman in Iran that chooses to dress in masculine clothing. Photo: Facebook

Some women in Iran have had enough with their strict dress code and extremely limiting morality laws. So what do they do? Dress up as men.

“I am an Iranian girl,” said one of the women via Facebook. “In order to avoid the morality police, I decided to cut my hair short and wear men's clothes so that I can freely walk in the streets in Iran.”

According to Pink News, many of the women do not identify as transgender, but choose to cut their hair short and wear masculine clothes in order to be free in public without facing harassment.

The Facebook page “My Stealthy Freedom” features several of these women escaping Iran’s morality laws.

“Iran is a country where certain young women who do not believe in the compulsory veil have now started dressing up as men to enjoy the liberty of going to stadiums or to even walk in the streets without having to wear the headscarf,” the page reads. “We sincerely hope for the day when women in Iran will no longer be obliged to live in fear and their moments of stealthy freedom will be transformed into real ones.”

The page also shares the personal stories of women in Iran, showing photos of the women in their masculine attire.

“I myself choose what to wear, how to study, how to exercise, how to live and how respect others in society,” one woman explains. “I am not afraid of the system, but they are visibly very afraid of me. I will do my best to be successful in the sports that I am practising (sic) and represent Iran in a way that people of Iran want to be represented so that the rest of the world can get to know the real ‘us.’ I won't give up. Iran belongs to all of us.

”Recently, eight models were allegedly detained for posting “vulgar” photos of themselves on social media with their hair uncovered, according to Independent. As a result, many women are changing their Facebook profiles to private.

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