Intersex Passport Applicant Supported by Judge For the Second Time

In a four-year legal battle with the government to get their gender listed on their passport as ‘x,’ an intersex plaintiff’s argument has been supported by a federal judge — for the second time.

Associate Director of Organization Intersex International Dana Zzyym applied for a passport in 2014 to attend a conference in Mexico City, and it was denied by the State Department on the basis that the government could not fill their gender in as ‘x.’ Judge R. Brooke Jackson ruled in Zzymm’s favor in 2016, but the government appealed, and the case reopened in 2017 when he was again denied a passport — where Brooke would vouch for him a second time.

“I’m not going to lie on my passport application, I shouldn’t have to,” Zymm said in a press release. “[It’s] a critical identity document that I need to do my job and advocate for the rights of intersex people both in the United States and abroad.”

The State Department is currently looking over the ruling and deciding on the next steps, reported the Washington Blade.

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